Noise Abatement Procedures at North Central

The North Central State Airport is a noise-sensitive airport.
Please take a few minutes to review the recommended procedures and map of the noise sensitive areas.

General Procedures:

The preferred calm wind  runway for all operations is RWY 05-23.  (winds less than 5 KTS)
Intersection takeoffs on all runways are to be avoided at all times.
Night Operations:

Any training in the traffic pattern should be avoided between the hours of 10pm and 7am.

Engine Run-ups:

Engine maintenance run-ups prohibited from 7pm – 7am

Jet & Turboprop Aircraft:

Please refrain from using RWY 15-33 at all times.


Hover times are to be kept to 15 minutes or less. Helicopter operators are requested to use HAI Noise Abatement Measures.

Noise Complaints:

All noise complaints will be addressed by the airport manager in a timely manner.

If you are unable to comply with any of these voluntary noise abatement procedures for safety reasons, please notify the airport manager at (401) 333-8503 prior to, or as soon as possible after violating the procedure with an explanation.

Arriving or Departing Runway 05:

When flying left downwind- remain south and east of Interstate 295 to avoid Noise Sensitive Area.

Departing Runway 23:

Maintain runway heading for 1.1 miles prior to turning on course.

Departing Runway 33:

Upon departure turn left heading 300º while climbing to 1,500 ft MSL. Upon reaching 1,500 ft- continue on course

Thank you for helping North Central State Airport to be a good neighbor to our surrounding communities!