Current Fuel Prices

AvPORTS is committed to bringing you the most value for your dollar. Our experienced fuel coordinator is dedicated to ensuring that we are buying our fuel at the best possible rates – resulting in savings that are passed directly back to our customers!


  • Full Service
  • Price Includes All Taxes & Fees


  • Price Includes All Taxes & Fees
  • PRIST (Fuel System Icing Inhibitor) 5¢ per Gallon extra

Eastern Aviation Fuels

Eastern Aviation Fuels is one of the largest distributors of aviation fuel products in the United States. Our Shell Aviation network is nearly 500 FBOs strong. In addition, we serve airlines, corporate flight departments, and aerial applicators.

A professional “flying” aviation sales staff assures top-notch, highly personalized customer service and a greater understanding of your FBO business. We provide a high level of quality service and consider our customers to be our partners. You will not find this level of service anywhere else in the aviation industry.